If you somehow are not familiar with the story, the Lion King is a beloved children’s movie created & released by Disney. This is the coming of age tale of it’s star character Simba. He is born to rule. As the son of the current King, Mufasa, his grooming to take the reigns begins at birth. Sadly, he has en uncle, Scar, who is less than happy that he is not the one in charge. The problem is that Scar is not satisfied with his role. He soon begins to plot to take control from his brother and nephew. He gets Simba into a situation that calls for his dad to save him. Unfortunately, this plot ended up costing Mufasa his life. He was trampled in a stampede. This is heartbreaking for Simba to begin with, but when his uncle convinces him that the death was his fault he can’t handle it and leaves the pride.

While away, he comes across a couple of new and interesting friends. Timon and Pumbaa are into a totally new philosophy, Hakuna Matata. Loosely translated this means, “Why Worry?”. They teach him that sometimes it is better to let things go and enjoy life. They help him come to realize that every thing is not going to end because of one decision that he has made. They help him along the way and soon we find Simba has grown into a fine lion. Eventually, he does run across somebody from his past. Someone who reminds him that some things are worth worrying over and maybe even fighting for. He eventually comes to find that his uncle has been running his families pride into the ground. He cannot abide and soon finds himself on a journey home to confront the man responsible for his fathers death and his exile.

Once he arrives back home he finds the place in a shambles. He finds his family and friends starving. They are unable to thrive under the oppressive rule of Scar. Being a gentle and caring individual Simba goes on about trying to rectify the situation any way he can but in the end there is no peaceful resolution to be found. The family feud comes to violence & in the end the circle of life is preserved when Simba regains control of the family and guides them into a better more prosperous way of life. Soon Simba finds himself leading the pride into the future. He is not only the head of the pride, but finds himself the head of the household as well with his own family well on its way.


Angela P
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Sam S
The first time I saw the movie with my kids, I was jolted out of the movie’s magic by a text from a close friend sounding rather panic stricken. “Is there such a thing as a confidential home std test kit?” Whoa, I thought. I texted back “Suggest you do a google search and see. I’m at the movies with my kids. I will call when we get home.” I knew that in Europe you can purchase over-the-counter std testing kits. The US isn’t as forward thinking in this regard. I only could assumed my friend didn’t want to go to a doctor or a clinic to get tested and wanted the privacy of doing a STD test at home. I was hugely distracted by his text, but upon thinking about it, hoped he could quickly find and purchase a private std test kit he could use at home. By the time I called him back that evening, he had already found an online site that sold at home STD testing kits. He had ordered one and had its delivery expedited. Fortunately for him, the results were negative, although he then went to his doctor any way to be retested- also negative. I have to tell you, my experience of seeing the Lion King movie will always be colored by that text message.

Linda G
Going to the dentist particularly an orthodontist can be intimidating for young children. I’ve seen the nervousness in my own children when we first started taking them to our local orthodontics office when they needed braces. But their orthodontist, put my kids at ease at their first visit. He kept up a running commentary about Simba, the main character in the Lion King, and how he must have had braces since his teeth were so straight. My kids were enthralled and wanted to see the movie again as soon as we got home.

This American Classic is suitable for all ages. It had an amazing team work on the creation and the entire work really came together nicely. Take some time to watch this with the family to ensure it is passed on to the next generation too.