Books II

Another fantastic book that I discovered while looking for a way to spend by afternoon constructively was by Stephen King. It is not really a scary book from the horror genre he usually operates within. This book is from his earlier career. This book has spawned 3 movies to my knowledge. They are all 3 good movies & I would consider at least 2 of them to be classics. Of course, I am speaking about a book called Different Seasons. There are 4 short stories contained within pages of this book. They are loosely based around the 4 seasons we experience throughout the year.

We start with hope springs eternal, which was made into a file called “The Shawshank Redemption” in which a man is falsely accused of murdering his wife & imprisoned for the crime. He spends years in the prison learning & growing. He forms friendships with his fellow inmates but has a very special relationship with one in particular. He ends up working for a corrupt warden until he decides it is time to get busy living. He finds himself escaping from jail & spending the remainder of his days on a beach in Mexico.

The next story in the book is related to the summer of corruption. They made the movie called Apt Pupil from this short story too. In this story we follow a young man on his road to a successful life until he stumbles across the path of a retired Nazi officer in hiding. The young man recognizes his neighbor from old photos taken in Nazi Germany during WWII. The young man quietly goes about collecting finger prints & pictures before approaching the man. The 2 form a very strange relationship while the boy blackmails him to share stories of the past with him. Very soon the stories have corrupted the young man & turned the old man back to his evil ways. They both turn to violence & begin to break the law to satisfy their sick taste for blood. Soon the law is hot on their tracks. How will the boy react to the situation at hand?

In the fall from innocence we find 4 young boys taking a journey together looking for the body of another young boy struck by a train. The movie “Stand By Me” was created from this short story. It is a coming of age story. The four friends make the trek together growing & learning from their experiences on the trip. In the end when they arrive back home they are almost totally different people. They have changed because what they have seen & their shared experiences. I highly recommend the short story & if you have never seen the movie I do recommend it as well.

I hope to have gotten you interested enough in this book so that you will read it & learn about a winter’s tale on your own. You are sure to enjoy it.

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