Books III

Do you remember being younger & just learning about books? When I first found out all of the amazing things you could learn from books, I could not put them down. I always had a book in my hands. They were not always great works of art. Often times I found a book I could not get into for one reason or another. There have been many books I just sat down right in the middle of the book. As a matter of fact some times I don’t even get through the first few chapters before I realize that the book is not going to be for me. On many more occasions I have found books which for one reason or another are right up my alley. Some of my favorites are obscure & many people have never heard of them. There are also books which were assigned to me & probably every other person who made their way through the public education system. I have way too many favorites to list them all but I would like to go over a couple of them that you may like to read.

I’m going to cover a book or 2 you may like to look over in the future if you are a reader. I would like to start off with the very first kind of book I came to love. I always walked around school with a “choose your own adventure” book in my face. I would always spend my recess reading & spent many hours trying to work out the answers. I would try to read the book through making certain choices & often those choices would lead to my death so I would have to start it all over again from the beginning trying to make better choices & hoping to make it to the correct end. The one that would leave me the hero of the day. It would sometimes take me what seemed like forever to finally find the right path. They were always entertaining & I was very rarely let down by any of these books but eventually I outgrew them & moved on to a different style of author.

There are so many of these “choose your own adventure books that a person could spend hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to sort them out. There is no way to tell if the choice you are making will lead to your own demise somewhere down the road. A lot of people try to cheat & if they find themselves in a sticky situation they just back up to the last choice, then they go the other route. Depending on the level of skill the book was written to there were often time that a reader could not back up one or even two choices to go down an alternate path. They would have to either start over.

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