There are books on every topic, just like there seems to be thousands of janitorial supply products. I happen to have janitorial supplies on the brain since I have been tasked at work to find the best ecologically sound / green janitorial products. I have done so many google searches and checked out janitorial supplies till I have started dreaming of them at night. I think I have finally found the e commerce that I am going to recommend. I love their name: CleanItSupply. And they certainly have the products free from inks, fragrances, and dyes, all natural, high quality, affordable, eco-friendly, biodegradable (for paper goods), and products that do not promote eutrophication, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and are energy VOC-compliant in all 50 states. I think they are a slam dunk for our janitorial supplies. Sorry for that tirade, but as usual I jumped right in and nearly drowned in all the information and options. Let’s get back to books.

They are every where. The world revolved around the information contained within and people have been taking the time to read them for thousands of years. If you go to the library you can find books written on pretty much any topic. I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about a couple of great book that I have found over the years. I’ve read my fair share of them & I enjoy most of them in one way or another. If I am not enjoying a book I will just set it down & move on to another. I recommend everybody pick up a good book now & again to exercise mental facilities as well as expand horizons. There are countless wonderful things to be learned in the pages of books. There are so many out there that you are sure to find one that fits your taste perfect. I’ll tell you about a few of my favorites which you may choose to try for yourself or not.

One of my favorite books that I remember from childhood was created from a series of graphic novels. The book is named after that which it describes “The Death & Life of Superman”. In this book we find our superman one of several super heroes who are joined together in fighting evil. Soon our hero is faced with a new enemy, one more dangerous than any he has ever had to challenge, Doomsday. When this creature first awakens he finds himself buried alive. He can not move and does not know what is happening but he begins beating his way to the surface of the planet. He can barely wiggle to begin with but through patience & effort he soon finds himself free from his grave to begin reeking havoc on the community. It takes the effort of every hero in the group to slow the monster down. In the end the only one who is able to stand toe to toe with this incredible being is Superman. In the end, after fight a huge battle, the monster is finally beaten but at a terrible cost. In the end, Superman succumbs to his wounds & the world mourns the loss.

In the wake, the world falls into darkness. Fortunately, new heroes soon emerge. There comes to light 4 new heroes. All working under the premise that they may be superman. One of them is merely a man, wearing a suit made of steel. Another is a young boy who has all of the powers and abilities of Superman. There are 2 others as well. The story is about them & the journey they take during this trying time.

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