I had to do some work cleaning up the alley behind our temple first thing in the morning. It was a bit of a chore because there were a lot of palm tree clipping back there in addition to regular garbage you might find in an alley such as wood, rusty nails, broken glass & other assorted junk. It took us 3 or 4 hours to finish the clean up. There were 2 full truck loads when all was said & done. We rounded everyone up who was there helping & took off to the dump. We had to wait in line for some time just to get into the dump because as you can imagine on a weekend morning there are a lot of people taking care of similar work to us. Finally, when we reached the front of the line it was a simple matter of showing the guard my garbage bill to enter the next line which took us up to a large open structure. Inside of this structure employees were busily instructing people where they should unload their miscellaneous garbage. Once we had been instructed on the best place to empty our trucks we began the dirty task at hand.

If you have ever done any amount of clean up work you know the unload is usually much faster than the load. We were able to grab all of that junk & toss it on to the big pile of garbage relatively quick. While we were doing so we noticed the tractors busy at their job. they were pushing & loading the big piles of garbage everywhere into large trucks to be moved out of the structure & processed at a more convenient location. I was obvious that the job of processing that much waste was monumental. There was garbage everywhere & worse yet it stunk to high heaven. We were more than happy get out of there but as we were heading towards the exit we soon came to realize there was yet another line to wait through. All day with these lines. It seemed to be endless but we were soon on our way out of that mess.

Since we were doing a clean up for the temple my priest mentioned that he would like to take us all out to breakfast. It was just a little whole in the wall waffle house we went to. We were sat in the back where we were tended to immediately with recommendations. After we ordered we enjoyed each others company while the food was prepared. When the waitress came out she had the most amazing sausage links I had ever tasted. I had them cook another batch when I was ready to go so I could take some home.

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