There are many professions available to choose in the world we know. The trick is finding one you really love. Some people choose to be a fireman or a Police Officer. There are some who choose to become Doctors or Lawyers. A lot of people feel like they are drawn to the profession the end up choosing. I remember when I was young I did not know what I wanted to be. I thought often about the possibilities but I could not have ever guessed I would end up where I am today. I know a lot of people say that. I know It’s also true in most of their cases. I mean who really gets the chance to become what they have spent a whole life dreaming of. If you are one of those lucky people who knew exactly what you wanted to be & then were able to eventually become that which you always desired the struggle is over but to the rest of us. The ones who dreamed of being Astronauts or even the President of the United States, there was not a large chance to attain those goals. I mean, sure some people can do these things and if you happen to be lucky enough to reach that level congratulations but the odds are tremendously against the chance of these things happening.

For instance, I sort of fell into the work I am now doing. I had been a textile designer moving from hand painted original designs to working in Photoshop. When my husband became a partner with a salesman who sold women’s wigs online and they started their own e-commerce wig store I was asked to help out with putting the wig images up on the site. I learned all about the different manufactures and their product lines ranging from Raquel Welch Wigs to Envy Wigs styles. Since I never wore wigs this was a whole new world for me to learn about. Who would of thought here I would be, part of an e commerce wig store!

My uncle worked on an offshore oil rig near New Orleans until he was disabled in a drilling accident. This injury was the motivating incident that inspired his son, my cousin, to become a New Orleans LA maritime lawyer, helping injured maritime workers confront and hold to account the large corporations responsible for their safety. Workers on commercial vessels and rigs need an advocate when they are injured and my cousin is so proud to be able to step in when their lives are thrown for a loop by an injury on the job.

If you are smart you will examine your options and try to do something that you can enjoy. Maybe you like helping people but being a Doctor is not in your cards. I understand. Not everyone can be a doctor. This does not mean you can not still accomplish great things. It does not mean you can not help people. Maybe you should look into becoming an emergency operator or a nurse. What I am trying to say is that there are lots of ways you can accomplish you dreams within reason. If you have always dreamed of owning your own business & you like working with your hands then maybe you can start a landscaping company which will accomplish both goals at once. The key is to remember that your dreams are worth fighting for. You may have to take work doing something to support yourself but it does not have to be your profession forever. You can use it as a tool until you are able to locate the next step on your own personal ladder of success.

Keep your eye on the prize & don’t be afraid to go after what you really want. Many people have failed trying to reach their goal but many, many more have succeeded at never trying to achieve their goals at all. I hope you understand.

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