I finally got my copy of Obscure Craft Quarterly recently & I wanted to review a couple of stories which caught my interest. You may find them pretty interesting as well. The first story was about a new class being offered in under water basket weaving. It is so interesting that there are people who have kept this art alive for so long. Now remember this is not some of that knock off replica B.S. you see all of the time. This was 100% real American craftsmanship. There were pictures of some of the finest pieces I have had the pleasure of seeing ever. For someone like me who just can’t get enough of the craft that is impressive. I have tried my hand at this several times in the past but I have never had a professional instructor. My projects always seem to come out just a little bit wet behind the collar. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I can’t seem to get it just right so I am signing up for this. They say that they are providing all of the equipment so I hope this will be an eye opening event. I hope to come out of it knowing exactly what equipment I need to get for myself and what techniques can applied for the best results. With any luck I will be able to set everyone I know up with exactly what they want for x-mas, a new quality basket weaved underwater just for them.

On a more serious note, I believe there is a true craft or art, if you wish, of diagnosing medical ailments, diseases, conditions. Take for instance that ubiquitous injury known as “tennis elbow,” the swelling of the tendons that causes pain in the elbow and arm. It is medically called: lateral epicondylitis. Tennis elbow is the most common reason that people see their doctors for elbow pain. It may be easier to diagnose than some other medical conditions, but to treat it effectively you need a sports medicine craftsman who can personalize treatment. This second article I read is about a Dr. Bob Donatelli who treats elbow pain Las Vegas “style” from his offices in that famed city. He’s developed a rehabilitation program that utilizes state-of-the-art technology, backed up by extensive research and 25 years of experience of treating patients with lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis which are the wrist and shoulder pain associated with tennis elbow. His website states that Dr. Donatelli has worked with numerous professional, college and high school athletes, returning them healthy to the sports they love. If you live in the are, are are suffering from elbow pain, it might be worth a visit.

Although many may not view sterling silver jewelry making an obscure craft, the label is misleading. Most readily available sterling silver jewelry is created by machines for the mass market. But there are some higher end jewelry makers that practice the more obscure art of highly detailed craftsmanship that is incredibly rare in today’s marketplace. Creating gorgeous, small, yet intricate items from precious metals is a skill requiring training in many aspects of art related disciplines. is an online store whose products fits this bill perfectly. If you visit their fabulous online store, you will find sterling silver rings that are unique to this enterprise – designer quality luxurious rings intricately crafted combined with innovative designs and stylings. We become accustomed to jewelry items that have been stamped out in volume and rarely appreciate the more rare and valuable items that require a more refined approach.

Another story I had some interest in was the horse mane braiding competition they hold in Kentucky every year. They really get into it down there. It’s not really like the horse mane braids I used to do but they were similar. I guess that over the years the craft has changed quite a bit. If you remember the old ways like I do, you should take another look at what the kids are doing with this stuff now. You’ll be amazed! They had products stacked up that they were using. They actually got this hair doing things that I could only imagine back when I played around with it. I don’t even know how they got them to stand still that long. I imagine that some of those people must have spent a week preparing the animal for some of these pictures. Anyway the top three contestants were amazing the braids were done perfectly with ribbons & sprayed to stay just so. I could have never judged the 3 finalists because of the detail but they decided upon Lady Humphrey unanimously as the winner by a hair.

As you can imagine his stylist was happy to get out of that hairy situation.

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